About BestGriefBooks.com

Stories are how we make sense of the world. When you read a book, watch a movie or listen to an audio—you expand your potential for healing.

Books, movies and audios help:

  • Unlock hidden feelings

  • Encourage insight and self-awareness

  • Stimulate dialogue

  • Provide reassurance

  • Offer hope

  • Promote continuity between sessions

I have spent years working in the field of bereavement, and BestGriefBooks.com is my legacy project. It has been an arduous task to develop and fund my blog TalkingGrief.com and the new BestGriefBooks.com site. To keep the website relevant and updated, BestGriefBooks.com is an Amazon Affiliate.

About Vicki

Vicki Panagotacos, PhD. FT is a Grief and Loss Counselor and Life Transition Coach in private practice in Los Gatos and La Selva Beach, CA.  She also facilitates grief groups and conducts local workshops.

Vicki holds various professional certifications and is an ADEC Fellow. In addition to her blog, TalkingGrief.com and her website BestGriefBooks.com, Vicki has authored Gaining Traction: Rebuilding Your Life after the Death of a Life Partner (2014); contributed the chapter Defining and Envisioning Self in Techniques of Grief Therapy: Creative Practices for Counseling the Bereaved, edited by Robert Niemeyer (2012); and The Effect of Multigenerational Family and Social Systems on Meaning-Making (2010). Her forthcoming book, “Help! Someone Died. What do I do?” will be published at the end of 2016.

She is also the founder of ComfortCareConnection, a company which produces her hypnosis, guided imagery and meditation audios.