Cold Noses

Cold Noses

Cold Noses at the Pearly GatesCold Noses at the Pearly Gates

Kurz, Gary






Do all dogs and cats really go to heaven? Yes, they do! The death of your beloved pet can be one of the most heartbreaking losses you’ll ever endure. But recovery isn’t only about closure. You also want to know where your best friend has gone.After the intense, unexpected grief he experienced following the loss of his own companions, animal lover and biblical scholar Gary Kurz set out to prove that there are indeed pets in Paradise. After devoting countless hours of research, he now shares his inspiring insights to bring you a richer understanding of animals and their souls. You’ll finally find answers to common questions about animals and the afterlife–and you’ll also get a 30-day devotional to help you work through your grief.If you’ve ever loved and lost a pet, or if you know someone who has shared a special bond with a furry face and a cold, wet nose, you’ll welcome this amazing book’s reassurance that love and loyalty are truly eternal, and that someday, you and your pets will be together again.”For those of us who love our pets so passionately, Gary Kunz thoughtfully and thoroughly gives hope that death is not the end for our furry, scaled, and feathered friends.” –Francine Hornberger, co-author of So You Think You Know about Cats?


A great comfort to me and all whome I am associated with. Thank you Gary for writing it. — Terry Hickey, Founder, Halton/Peel Pet Loss Support Group

I read both of Gary’s books and experienced great joy and blessing. — Dr. Jack Van Impe, TV Evangelist letter of September 2001

Losing a pet is a very difficult experience for most pet owners. The isolation one feels when dealing with this specific kind of grief can be overwhelming at times. After all, most people seem to think, ‘it was only an animal.’ Gary Kurz, author of Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates, wants you to know you are not alone. Not only are there others who understand your intense feelings of loss, but there is also reason for great hope.

In the introduction to his book, Mr. Kurz explains that it was the loss of his beloved Chihuahua, Pebbles, that led him to research the concept of animal afterlife. In the wake of Pebbles’ death, a friend reacted to Kurz’s grief with the cold response of someone who has clearly never shared a close relationship with an animal. Her sarcastic remark about “doggy heaven” led Kurz to turn to the Bible for comfort and understanding of what had become of his cherished Pebbles-and we should all be glad he did.

The result is a book offering great comfort and peace to anyone, young or old, who has ever lost a pet. No, there isn’t a doggy heaven. In fact, there is only one Heaven and it is a place where we will all live together. All of us humans and our lost, but not forgotten, pets.

Mr. Kurz leads the reader through a convincing analysis of the spiritual state of animals. Do they have a soul? Yes. Are they loved by their Creator? Yes, indeed. Mr. Kurz explores several other topics in the book that I found quite thought-provoking. In one section he proposes that animals will have the ability to speak in the afterlife. Initially, even I (a diehard animal lover myself) reacted with skepticism to this concept. But, once I read what the author had to say on the subject, it seemed a natural, logical assumption. I looked at my dog and half-expected her to open her mouth and talk to me.

Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates is an incredibly well researched book offering true and lasting peace for individuals coping with pet loss. The author’s concern for his readers is made evident throughout the book. He wants you to know you are not alone and that the Word of God offers you hope in your grief and salvation through Jesus Christ. I would recommend it to all animal lovers. — Terry Wilson, Faith Writer’s Book Reviewer, February 2007

I read this fabulous book. It is brilliantly written, sensitive, heartwarming and uplifting. It will bring you hope and comfort. — Susan Peterson, Hollywood Producer

Thank you for your book and for the gracious inscription. — White House, First Lady Laura Bush letter of April 9, 2004 –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


I think Gary Kurz did an excellent job of getting his view point across in a very possitive manner. I appreciate the fact that he took the time to make sure he got the Gospel message across as well. The salvation of souls is of primary importance. I share his love for animals & have always felt that animals will be in heaven. It is hard to find someone to agree with me, but Gary Kurz not only agrees with me but gives plenty of evidence to support that view as well. For those of you that don’t believe that animals will be in heaven, where do the horses come from spoken about in scripture? And, if God expects us to care for His creatures, what makes you think God hasn’t made provision for them as well. Though not in the same way as He has provided for people, animals have their place here & they will have their place in heaven also. Again, I want to congratulate Gary Kurz for a job well done & not being afraid to tackle a controversial subject. Excellent job, Gary.

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I read this book after the loss of my best friend of ten years. What ever your religious beliefs this book will guide you through a difficult time. The author does a great job of teaching what the Bible has to say about what happens to our pets after they leave this world. God had a purpose for animals here on Earth. They were created before man and were to be our companions. After reading this book I have an even stronger belief of where my friend is now. I recommend this book for anyone who loves their pets.

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