Loss of a Pet

Loss of a Pet

The Loss of a PetThe Loss of a Pet

Sife, Wallace





Understanding helps heal the hurt when you lose a pet

A cherished pet gives you boundless, unconditional love and occupies a special place in your routine, your home, and your heart. When your pet dies, that warm, special place becomes a sad, empty space. This book helps you understand:

  • The grieving process, including typical stages of grief and techniques for coping
  • Grieving for a missing pet, one you had to give up because of a change in life situation, and other difficult circumstances
  • Children and the death of a pet
  • Euthanasia, including important considerations
  • Religion and the death of a pet, with articles by various religious leaders
  • Aftercare facilities, including an extensive index of pet cemeteries, crematories, and memorial gardens

The Loss of a Pet, Third Edition has new expanded information, is filled with practical suggestions, resources, and most importantly, compassion and understanding. This important book helps you cope and reassures you that you are not alone.


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The loss of a Pet: (2005) Third Edition is is by far the best book on pet bereavement. The first two editions kept winning awards and rave reviews, but Dr. Sife has pulled a rabbit out of a hat with this revised and expanded Third Edition. As a result it is by far, the best-selling book on the subject. Dr. Sife has been acclaimed as the leading authority in this field, and was the founder/president of The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement (whch has a major online website). This Third Edition is completely revised, and also contains 56 additional pages of wisdom and practical advice, based on his experience with over 18,000 bereaving pet owners, since he founded the APLB. It is all in this book! But some readers may feel let down when he informs them that prolonged grief is almost always a side-effect of other personal repressed problems, triggered by the death of a beloved pet. He wisely points out that in such cases the bereaver should also be working with a professional therapist, to address these problems. This wonderful book is analytical, but not ¿clinical¿ as some have claimed. And it is written with a wisdom and compassion that is truly a gift to the open-minded reader. Perhaps Sife¿s philosophy can be summed up by his statement. ¿Life is a wonderful transition we can barely understand. Yet there is a lesson here that our beloved deceased companion animals can help us learn ¿ in salute to their memory. A joyful celebration of that life is our best memorial and tribute. We are not victims, but celebrants. And by achieving this we now honor them, and enrich ourselves, as well.


Grieving for a pet who has died can be one of the most difficult emotions you’ll ever experience. I found that Dr. Sife’s book helps put your emotional experiences into perspective, to help you in your grieving journey. He has many suggestions to ease your pain and let’s you know that you’re not going crazy but only filled with normal reactions. I guarantee this book will become dog-eared.




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February 17, 2015