All I See Is Part of Me

All I See Is Part of Me

All I See Is Part of Me

Chara M. Curtis




In a journey that carries the reader far beyond the printed page, a child discovers his common link with all of life. Inspired by Mr. Sun and Sister Star, he finds the light within his heart and then finds that same light everywhere. First published in 1989, All I See Is Part of Me received the 1995 BodyMindSprit Magazine Award of Excellence and was named to Positively Positive’s Top 50 Inspiring Books for Children in 2012. Its enduring popularity led author Curtis and illustrator Aldrich to redesign and make this book available in paperback. “Sister Star, how can it be That I am you and you are me?” She glowed. “You’re larger than you know, You are everyplace there is to go. You have a body – this is true – But look at what’s inside of you!”


Amazon Reader Review

This is unquestionably the most accessible and beautiful book about the interconnected web of existence I have ever found. I used it as the children’s sermon at the UU Church where I sometimes preach, and the response was incredible. People came up to me afterwards raving about how it simply and movingly it expressed the most complex spiritual concept that is at the heart of the faith.
It is, perhaps, particularly valuable at a time when physicists are sounding more and more like mystics; Neil DeGrasse Tyson has said that we are part of the universe and the universe is part of us and that should make us feel large, not insignificant. That key truth is the crux of “All I See is Part of Me.”
Chara Curtis’s poetic story begins with a small child of indeterminate gender (some children see a girl, some a boy and that is part of the charm) sitting on a hilltop and observing the world, solipsistically sensing that it was all somehow connected to her (or him). That feeling is confirmed by conversations with the various elements of the world: Brother Sun and Sister Star. These encourage the child to look inside to find the connection with the Universe, manifesting as a light (energy).
“All the plants, the animals and trees
Are in your light, and you are these.”
In that light, the child finds all the answers to any question that can be asked, and touches, in a profound way, eternity.
This simply stated story is not the only star of the book however. Cynthia Aldrich’s amazing pastel illustrations more than support the theme of the book. Their softness and luminosity are awe inspiring, a perfect compliment to the poetry. The bright colors and incredible use of light enthrall young children.
This is a kind of spirituality for the 21st Century when science and faith are coming closer to each other than they ever have. It is non-sectarian; quite the opposite. It is an expression, on a level even a child can understand, of the Spirit that moves the Universe and is accessible in the smallest blade of grass.
“I said a prayer I know was heard,`Cause all I am hears every word.”