Annie and the Old One

Annie and the Old One

Annie and the Old One

Miska Miles




Annie is a young Navajo girl who refuses to believe that her grandmother, the Old One, will die. Sadly, Annie learns that she cannot change the course of life. Text copyright 2004 Lectorum Publications, Inc.


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Annie, an Indian child, resorts to extremes in trying to prevent her dear grandmother from dying. The “old one” has said she will return to Earth when she has finished helping Annie and Annie’s mother to weave their new rug, so the child does everything she can to delay the project. When the grandmother explains her beliefs, Annie understands and no longer attempts to hold back time. PW praised Miles for a story representing “a difficult challenge” and Parnall’s pictures that “reflect the dignity of thetext,” in the 1971 Newbery Honor book.
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This is a beautifully illustrated story about a young Navajo girl, Annie, with a very special relationship with her grandmother, the Old One. It presents the simple daily life of the Navajo, the close-knit family of father, mother, Annie, her grandmother and their struggle for survival in the desert sands. Annie enjoys the chores she shares with her grandmother, and the special time at evening when the family gather round to listen to the ancient stories and wisdom of the wise old grandmother. When Annie’s grandmother makes a prediction of her closely approaching death, Annie must find a way to slow time to keep her grandmother alive. But grandmother has a wise lesson to teach Annie before she goes to Mother Earth.