End of Life Guideline Series

End of Life Guideline Series

Barbara_Karnes_CollectionEnd of Life Guideline Series: A Compilation of Barbara Karnes Booklets

Barbara Karnes RN






When you or someone you know has been told by a physician that they have a disease that may not be treatable or if treatment is an option where the chances of cure or remission are slim, life as we know it changes instantly. We enter a phase of life that we have no preparation for. No one tell us how to live with a life threatening illness or what to expect when cure is no longer possible and we are dealing with the ending of life.

The End of Life Guideline Series is a compilation of Barbara Karnes’ four booklets on end of life. Beginning with the guidance A Time To Life offers to a person who has been diagnosed with a life threatening illness. The End of Life Guideline Series progresses to Gone From My Sight , The Hospice Blue Book, which explains the signs of approaching death that begin months before death from disease and leads a family to the moment of death.

The Eleventh Hour offers information, ideas and support for a caregiver/family member who are often alone as their loved one is dying, on how to care for a person in the hours to minutes before death and just after.

The final section of this complication is an exploration of the normal grieving process. What are the emotions and feelings that will surface as we grieve the loss of someone we care about and how will those emotions show themselves?

The aim of this series is to neutralize some of the fear that an unpredictable future may bring. Knowledge of the dying process and it’s natural and normal unfolding can help create a meaningful and comforting experience as a loved one journeys from life. It is written in a simple, direct yet gentle manner. It is a short and valuable read.

Following a death we often have questions about the disease progression and concerned memories. The End of Life Guideline Series gives knowledge of the natural, normal process of dying and grief. You can find comfort in it’s knowledge even if someone you care about has died years before.