Grieving as Fast as I Can

Grieving as Fast as I Can

I’m Grieving as Fast as I Can: How Young Widows/Widowers Can Cope

Feinberg, Linda






A guide for young widows and widowers through the normal grieving proccess that highlights the speical circumstances of an untimely death. Young widows and widowers share thoughts and dilemmas about losing a loved one, what to tell young children experiencing a parent’s death, returning to work and dealing with in-laws.


“An extremely wise new book.”
— Buffalo News

“Sensitively examines the unique problems faced by young widows and widowers.”
— Atlanta Journal Constitution

“Gentle and practical advice.”
— Wilson Library Bulletin



Being a young widower only 7 months into this hell I found that this book was very helpful in explaining that I was not alone in this world and there are many others like me. The many quotes used in the book have been said over and over in my mind a thousand times. It covers topics that no other books I have found does like dating, personal and family stresses, and many of the guilts we place on ourself and how other place their guilt onto us to ease their own. If you are not a widow or widower it is still a wonderful book to help you understand us and how we think.
This book is a must for any young person who has lost a spouse or someone who is close to them. If you know of someone buy it for them Don’t make them find it on their own like I had to. It is noted in this book and I must agree that it is not for the newly widowed…wait a couple months before giving it to them.

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I just want all grieving widows out there under the age of 60 to know that this book is a must read. ON January 2nd 2008 i lost my best friend husband and father of my three children of 16 years tragically and didn’t think life would go on. But after reading this book two times consectively I knew that it would be ok. I have since had several good friends also become widowed and have given this book to them as a helper in coping with what we all go thru. I truly beleive that we all love different so we all grieve different but this book shows that we all can learn about grieving in the same way. Great book and a great gift to those that have loved and lost. thanks to the author and to B and N for caring such a great book.

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February 17, 2015