Healing Presence

Healing Presence

The Art of Being a Healing Presence

Miller, James E.





“The Art of Being a Healing Presence” shows how a difference can be made in the lives of others by learning to be present in a way that is healing, nurturing, and potentially even transforming. Seven steps to being a healing present are explained, including opening onself, making the intention, preparing a space, honoring the other, offering what you have to give, receiving the gifts that come, and living a life of wholeness and balance. The book includes whole pages of quotations interspersed throughout. It’s full of essential information, yet still easy to read.



This book is a great read for those in a care giving role, whether personally or professionally. It is very easy reading, and hits home. It is a very simple technique, you are probably already engaged in some of the tasks it takes to be a healing presence, but may not realize it.

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Looking for a lovely short book about the qualities of being a healing presence? This is a great choice. Many people are uncertain about what to say or do and how to get out of the usual fix-it mode that is so familiar in our culture. Whether you have a role in the care of someone, are a healthcare worker, or just want to learn more about how to be with friends and family members in difficult times, the book will definitely offer up its riches, especially if you take a chapter at a time and practice. We are looking at using it for training purposes for a Pastoral Care Program.

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