Helping Teens Work Through Grief

Helping Teens Work Through Grief

Helping TeensWork Through GriefHelping Teens Work Through Grief

Perschy, Mary Kelly




Amazon Editorial Reviews

‘This book provides a sensitive, expanded framework for helping teens work through their grief… It is thoroughly written, orderly, and detailed in presentation and includes an exhaustive resource section which will be welcomed by the worker wishing to enhance their understanding of the grief process.’ – Alison Hahn Johnson, Social Work with Groups


Amazon Reader Review

I am writing this book review from the standpoint of an adult with many years of experience providing bereavement services, reflecting upon my own experience as a teenager grieving the death of a close family member. It is from this same vantage point that Mary Kelly Perschy has written Helping Teens Work Through Grief. In my case, it was my 19-year-old sister Bev who lost her life to cancer. At age 16, Ms. Perschy embarked on the journey of grief after the death of her mother. The fruit of her personal and professional experience is this most useful manual which she tells us, “is written for adults who are willing to connect with grieving teens, including counselors, trained hospice volunteers, religious youth staff, teachers and mentors.”
Any Hospice Team, school or youth organization planning to offer bereavement support groups for teens will want to include this book in their library. Much of the information imparted could easily be adapted for work! ing individuallly with a teens as well.
The busy bereavement professional will be glad to discover that the nuts and bolts of initiating, organizing, leading and evaluating a group support program for young people are laid out in this book. The goals and objectives of each chapter are clearly outlined and the wealth of activities and other resource materials are easy to access. What is more, the reader is walked through each activity in detail, which is what makes this such a marvelous “how to” guidebook.