Mellonie, Bryan and Robert Ingpen




Amazon Reader Review

After losing my wife (33 years old) two years ago, this was one of the books that was recommended to me …. and I am glad I took the recommendation. This is a GREAT book for explaining the subject of lifetimes to children, especially in the 3-5 year old range.
What is great about this book and something I didn’t realize at the time was that lifetimes didn’t have to only related to death of people. EVERYTHING has a lifetime and it has helped my daughter in many ways. A couple months ago, when my daughter’s balloon popped and she was very sad, she said “Dad, I guess my balloon’s lifetime is over”, and then she went to throw it away. She was sad but understood the concept that all things, living and unliving, have a lifetime. We still use the concepts today on a regular basis, and she still likes to read the book as well.
HIGHLY recommended, even for those children that haven’t had to deal with true loss or death yet … at least in my opinion.