Lost and Found: Remembering a Sister

Lost and Found: Remembering a Sister

Lost and Found: Remembering a Sister

Ellen Yeomans




“We lost Paige. That’s what my Grandma said “lost”. My Parents said she died. I wondered if I could find her again.” So begins the story of one child’s search for understanding after the death of her sister. If someone could be “lost” could they also be “found”? Dealing with her own grief and accepting the emotions of those around her this child finds her way toward healing.


Amazon Reader Review

At last, a children’s book about death that doesn’t sugarcoat the experience. The narrator is a young girl whose older sister (and only sibling) has just died. Her grandparents explain that they have “lost” Paige. With her parents in the depths of sorrow and despair, the little girl sets out on a symbolic journey to find her sister and bring her back into her life. The story brings the reader along through the stages of grief, acknowledging the heartache but also offering solace and hope. As the little girl moves through the anguish of her sister’s death she searches for and finds ways to keep her sister present in her life. Dee Derosa’s powerful illustrations make the gradual transition from darkness to light, along with the narrator. Yeomans has written a brutally honest, poignant account of an unbearable experience that must be borne by families after the loss of a child. An excellent resource for parents, siblings, grandparents, teachers, and children who have experienced the death of someone close to them.