Rudi’s Pond

Rudi’s Pond

Eve Bunting




The young narrator’s best friend, Rudi, is very sick, and it’s hard for her to understand. When Rudi dies, the narrator and the other children in school help to build a pond by the big knobby oak to remember him by. A hummingbird feeder that Rudi made hangs by the pond, and one day a special hummingbird comes to visit. . . . Based on a true story, Rudi’s Pond is an insightful book that will help young readers to deal with loss. Once again author Eve Bunting and illustrator Ronald Himler have combined their talents to create a memorable picture book.


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From School Library Journal

A gently told story of friendship, loss, and hope.

Amazon Reader Review

Rudi’s Pond is a gentle introduction to the realistic nature of death, written with children in mind. Set in America it centres upon a young girl and a boy who lives in her street. They are best friends and they go to the same school . Sadly, the boy suffers from heart disease and although their friendship is constant he gradually becomes so ill that he has to be hospitalized. Eventually he dies and the school debate upon a memorial, whereupon the girl remembers that he liked ponds and that they had made a hummingbird feeder just before he died. And so the school decide to build a pond….. I wont spoil the story by telling the reader any more, but it is supposed to be based upon a true story and the message is clear, and in essence that message is, after death ‘who really knows?’.. Beautifully illustrated throughout, it is a good book for parents to read in the hope that they may never have occasion to read it to their own children.