Talking to Children

Talking to Children

Talking to Children About LossTalking to Children About Loss

Trozzo, Maria





Through captivating stories and thoughtful analysis, Maria Trozzi explains how to handle the difficult job of talking with children and adolescents about loss, with discussions about:

  • How children perceive and interpret events such as death, disability, and divorce
  • Guiding children through the four tasks of mourning
  • Helping children face funerals, wakes, and memorial services
  • Children’s fears and fantasies: how they express them, and how to address them
  • Age-appropriate responses to children’s questions and concerns
  • Talking to children about long-term illness, suicide, family or community tragedy, and other special situations
  • What to do when children won’t talk about loss, and when to seek professional help

“The wisdom, authenticity, and sheer presence of the author are evident from page one until the end of the beautifully written book. Terms like ‘ground-breaking’ and ‘innovative’ have been triviliazed by overuse. In this case they are deserved.” —Stan Turecki, M.D., author of The Difficult Child



Thank you both – Maria and Kathy – for the wisdom, insight and well-defined exposures of difficult times during a loss of any kind. Whether it’s a fierce injury or the untimely grief from loosing someone, children must hike through unexpected tragic events and your healthy outlook embraces this process. This informative book leads parents, or anyone, toward bonding with children who may be silently suffering. These talented authors present certain steps – vividly and realistically – by restoring and achieving a nourishment of harmony after any adversity. During my years of researching head injuries, I have uncovered the fact that the second leading group subjected to head injuries are children. There is very little research or reading material concerning this trauma so I am thrilled to locate this enormous wealth of help for them. I thoroughly recommend this book to any family struggling with grief or any painful experience. You two ladies have surfaced significantly – comfort and advice – by vocalizing the needs of children; feelings deep inside them which may have been overlooked. Thank you for sharing your research while you continue to make a difference in this world.