The Magic Moth

The Magic Moth

Virginia Lee




Thin Sara’s family is so unconventional and fat Glenda’s so conventional that the differences put a real strain on the two girls’ friendship.


Amazon Reader Review

This is a beautiful story of a child with a serious heart defect. Her brother doesn’t understand just what that means. He tries to cheer her up with little things he brings her to her room such as a pretty rock, or a brilliant red and green caterpillar which weaves a cocoon in a jar. His sick sister Maryanne, enjoys his presents and would make up stories about them, which her brother liked. Then one night at dinner, he asks when she will get better and his Father decides to tell the family of five children the hard-to-accept truth; that she will never get better. When Maryanne passes away, her Father explains that as a living family who, at the end, can look forward to the future knowing that Maryanne is still a part of them, only in a different way, like the caterpiller and moth. This is a wonderful book for anyone that needs to explain death of a young child to it’s family. The drawings by Richard Cuffari are also wonderful and a real joy in conveying the story. In the wake of recent events at the Sandy Hook School, in Newtown, Conn., this would be a wonderful book to pass around or give for comfort in a very difficult situation.