Why Did Grandpa Die?

Why Did Grandpa Die?

Why Did Grandpa Die?Why Did Grandpa Die?

Shook-Hazen, B.




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My father just passed away. He and my 3 year old son were as close as a grandfather and grandson could be. I didn’t hide the fact that he was dying from cancer. We visited him everyday at home up until his passing. Everyday I would let him know that grandpa may look a little different because he didn’t want to eat or drink a lot anymore because of his cancer. I explained that we needed to see him before the time comes when Jesus send for him and that we would only have grandpa in our hearts and memories, from then on. I gave him the option everyday if he wanted to go back and see him and asked him questions about how he felt after the visit. He seemed fine. This book helped me to explain that it’s ok to be sad. It also lets kids know that they are not the only ones that feel this way. It was a helpful book.



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March 28, 2015