Widows Wear Stilettos

Widows Wear Stilettos

Widows Wear Stilettos: A Practical and Emotional Guide for the Young Widow

Fleet, Carol Brody and Harriet, Syd






Widowhood is a frightening prospect for any woman, but becoming a widow in one’s forties, thirties, or twenties can be terrifying. Widows Wear Stilettos deals sensitively with the many problems and questions facing the young widow: depression and grief, helping children cope, facing in-laws, and returning to work. The authors also address practical concerns including financial considerations and personal issues such as health, self-awareness, diet, and exercise. This reassuring book shows how a life that feels at an end can begin anew.


“Carole Brody Fleet is changing the face and style of widowhood. It’s a very unique look at an unusual problem these days that is affecting a lot of women.” – Deborah Roberts, Correspondent, ABC News’, “Good Morning America Now”

“[The] author has created a wise and practical guide for young widows on how to recover, cope, heal, and find a fulfilling life.” – Orange Coast Magazine

“Carole Brody Fleet offers advice and humor in the book,’ Widows Wear Stilettos…’ to help young widows cope with loss.” – The Orange County Register

“A young widow holds out a helping hand to others who have lost their husbands” – The San Diego Union-Tribune


 The Library Journal

Motivational speaker and coach Fleet, who was widowed at 40 and has since made numerous guest appearances on television and radio, offers a guide for women who have also experienced the loss of a partner at a young age. Fleet’s presentation is frank and interspersed with bits of honest humor. The text is easy to read, with charts and tips sprinkled throughout. Fleet, with psychotherapist Harriet, provides information on how to organize details such as funeral arrangements, wills, social security, and insurance at a time when organization is the last thing a new widow may want to face. She discusses emotional, physical, and spiritual health and finishes by focusing on living the rest of your life. This is a book about hope, and women will want to read it and share it with others, regardless of marital status or age. An essential addition to every public library



My daughter of 24 became a very young widow almost four months ago. She has a baby, now 1 1/2 years old. It is difficult to lose a loved one at any age, but at 24, with a small child and crazy in love with her husband, her first few months were so difficult. Each day, you just go through the motions to get through another day. Act happy, baby depends on it. No time to grieve, the world does not stop for you. As a mother of a young widow, you want to step in and do everything, take care of everything, make everything alright again. Sadley, it is not possible. While I was trying to locate a book on grief and the stages she was going through I came across this book. As a lover of heels, it caught my attention. After glancing through it, I was delighted to find a book for the “Young Widow”. This book has done so much for her. It has lifted her spirits, answered questions no one had answers to, and gave her timetables as to what she would feel and different stages of moving on.

Needless to say, she has talked about this book to her Hospice Counselor several times and has now given away her copy. I am online to purchase another for her and multiples for Hospice for future young widows who find themselves looking for answers that most people can not provide. Excellent book. It has made such a huge difference for my daughter! Thank you.

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On reading this book, I found the content to be very inspirational and uplifting, with the author taking on a subject that can be very distressing, especially to a recent widow. This book also covers topics like financial advice, dating, family and health issues, where other bereavement books fail. The author also injects a little humor into a serious subject, using her own tragedies and heartache to inspire others to go forward in life, which is very refreshing. The title of the book ‘Widows Wear Stilettos, portrays an attitude of ‘mind’, not a fashion statement. I highly recommend this book to widows of ALL ages, it is a vital, informative read

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As a widow almost 5 years out from my husband’s death, I found the early chapters of this book to be very relative to my early years as a widow, especially the first and second year. (Wish I had this book back then!) While it was somewhat tedious to read those (been there, done that) it was also a great reminder of how far I have come since then. Once I got to the second half of the book, I could not put it down. These chapters I can probably come back to read a few years from now and still learn something.

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