Empowering Guided Imagery, Self-Hypnosis &
Meditation Audios for a Better Life.

For good or bad, most of us walk around in a trance convinced we can’t change our thoughts nor can we live with them. The truth is you can do both.

Even though guided meditation, guided imagery and self-hypnosis differ in some ways they work well together and have a lot in common – they all provide positive experiential learning. Meditation allows the mind to open and become aware; the hypnotic quality of guided imagery provides the direction toward emotional and physical healing. (Many physical conditions are not solely biological; most are affected by thoughts, emotions & mood.) The process is a simple one: you take back control of your mind. As you relax your perceptions soften, which allows you to reclaim ignored strengths and develop new important resources.

Bottom line, our audios reconnect you to the personal power you were born to use – to strengthen resolve, facilitate healing and encourage curiosity – so you can embrace a future that is personally meaningful.

Note: All audios start with a few minutes of relaxation prior to the guided imagery theme.